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European Commission entrusts Tilde with eTranslation integration


The European Commission has entrusted Tilde to integrate the eTranslation infrastructure into several cross-border digital services, helping to further multilingual support for EU public administrations.

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Tilde unveils massive new corpus of multilingual open data


Tilde unveiled a brand new corpus of multilingual open data for EU languages this week at the NoDaLiDa conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Known as the TILDE MODEL (Multilingual Open Data for EU Languages) corpus, the resources contains over 16 million segments of parallel data collected from the web. 

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Tilde represents the language community in new study on Big Data landscape


Tilde will represent the language technology community in a new study on the Big Data landscape in Europe. The study, to be carried out as part of the KPLEX project, will culminate with a comprehensive report for the European Commission on the role and status of language resources in Big Data.

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"Language Equality in the Digital Age" workshop at the European Parliament features Tilde CEO


The workshop "Language Equality in the Digital Age -- Towards a Human Language Project" at the European Parliament on January 10 featured a presentation by Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs, entitled Challenges and opportunities posed by Multilingualism in the Digital Single Market. The workshop was chaired by MEP Algirdas Saudargas of Lithuania, who proposed the event along with other MEPs.

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Tilde awarded contract to continue developing Europe's automated translation platform


The European Commission awarded a contract to Tilde to continue development of the CEF Automated Translation platform. The aim of the contract is to substantially improve the quality and coverage of machine translation services on the CEF AT platform.

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Season's greetings from Tilde MT


Season's greetings from Tilde MT! We'd like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season.

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Tilde launches initiative to support language technology development with new multilingual open data sets


In a new initiative to support language technology development, Tilde has undertaken an effort to create new multilingual open data sets for EU languages. The multilingual corpora will enable the technology community to develop key services such as high-quality machine translation systems for a range of languages and domains.

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Tilde joins European Commission roundtable to discuss the future of language technology


The European Commission organized a roundtable in Luxembourg on December 13 to discuss the future of language technology in the EU. The discussion featured selected members of Europe's language technology community, including Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs, as well as invited guests representing major users of language technology solutions, such as BBC, Facebook, Daimler, and

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New Scientist magazine interviews Tilde CEO on advances in Neural MT


New Scientist magazine interviewed Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs on neural machine translation for its online edition. Published on November 30 in the "Daily News" section of the site, the article explores recent advances in neural MT and Artificial Intelligence at Google, New York University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and elsewere.

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World’s first neural machine translation systems released for smaller languages


The European language technology company Tilde has released the world’s first neural machine translation (MT) systems for smaller languages. Tilde Neural MT systems, available to the public in a free online translation service, prove that neural machine translation provides a significant boost in automatic translation quality for smaller languages.

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