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A simple way for converting speech to text! Record live or upload pre-recorded audio, video files and get full transcripts right away! Conveniently download and edit text files for ultimate precision.  

Available in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Swedish, Finnish

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Convert speech to text with a click of a button

Forget about manually transcribing word by word. Tilde Transcribe will do it for you, so you can focus your energy on other tasks! Generate automatic transcripts for your interviews, videos, podcasts, voice recordings, personal notes and pretty much anything.


Key features of Tilde Transcribe

Access the largest terminological resource

Multilingual speech recognition

Supports different languages - Available in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Swedish, Finnish. Contact our team to inquire about other languages.

Access the largest terminological resource

Text file editor

Edit texts online or download them as .doc or .txt files. Use text highlighting in Microsoft Word to locate the corresponding transcript part in your audio and make changes if necessary.

Access the largest terminological resource

Audio / Video file upload

Simply drag and drop to upload audio or video files which you want to turn into text documents. Supported file formats: aac, mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, wma, mov, mpeg, wmv.

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Live recording

Turn your speech into text instantly by dictating it straight into the Tilde Transcribe solution from your web browser.

Access the largest terminological resource


Available anywhere, anytime! Tilde Transcribe is a secure cloud-based solution that you can use straight from your browser. No need to download any software! 

Access the largest terminological resource

File management

Store all your projects in the file manager where you can conveniently manage, edit, and export them at any time. Available with subscription.

Tilde Transcribe precision

Tilde Transcribe achieves high precision transcription results! For example, for the medical, media, forensic science, and governmental domains precision ranges from 87.6% up to 93.6%. The precision of speech recognition, of course, greatly depends on the quality of your recordings. Proven performance and constant improvements to the service make Tilde Transcribe a perfect solution for any organization or business that needs to convert speech, audio and video to text!

translation and localization for it and telecommunication

Explore Tilde Transcribe today by starting a free 14-day trial!

Transcribe conferences and other events

Make your event more accessible to people hard of hearing by providing real-time transcripts. The specialized solution allows attendees to access transcripts both online and at the venue. Get in touch to find out more!

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