Products and services

To help customers cross language barriers in the digital age,Tilde develops a range of language technology products and services that showcase the very latest
in digital innovation.


Tilde MT

Machine Translation

Translate anything, anytime, anywhere. Get fast, fluent, and secure translations with just a click of a button with Tilde MT.

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Tilde Terminology

AI-powered chatbots

Interact with users in any language with our innovative virtual assistants and conversational agents.

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Tilde Localization

Speech Transcription

Convert speech to text from pre-recorded audio and video files or live recordings.

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Meeting Assistant

Enable efficient multilingual meetings with real-time translation, automatic transcription and notes.

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Professional Localization

Speak your customer's language and adapt your products for international markets with Tilde's professional localization services.

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Website Translator

Automatically translate your web content and reach global audiences with a multilingual website.

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Solutions for Baltic Languages

Unlock productivity with the language tools for the Latvian and Lithuanian – Tildes Birojs and Tildės Biuras.

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Terminology Services

Keep your terminology clear, consistent, and accurate with Tilde’s cloud terminology platform.

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E-Services for Developers

Make your platforms and applications fully multilingual with our wide range of language technology APIs

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Multilingual Fonts

Set the right tone for your documents and promotional materials with multilingual fonts.

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Data Library

Draw from our rich data resources to boost the power of your language technology solution.

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Automatic Subtitling

Get automatic and time-aligned captions/translated subtitles for your audiovisual files.

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Custom solutions for our clients and partners

IBM Tilde machine translation


Global tech leader IBM uses Tilde’s domain-specific MT systems for Danish to translate product info.

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European Comission Tilde Machine Translation

European Commission

To facilitate multilingual communication in Europe, Tilde is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European MT infrastructure.

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EurActiv Tilde machine translation


To promote the syndication of multilingual news, Tilde developed a set of French-English machine translations engines for

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Tilde Research & Innovation

The research and innovation team at Tilde conducts cutting-edge work in multilingual data technologies such as machine translation and content analytics tools.

An experienced coordinator and partner in FP and H2020 projects, Tilde has participated in numerous EU programmes, building language technologies for various use scenarios – from government e-services to multilingual financial data analysis and online media authoring.

Tilde represents the language industry in the Big Data Value Association, LT-Innovate, and META-NET; serves as a cooperation link between the Big Data and language technology communities; and is a partner of the European Commission in language resource coordination across the EU.


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