Virtual assistants – the next frontier in language technology

Tilde's virtual assistants provide novel ways for interaction in customer service, educational platforms, and social media.

A user preference for talking instead of typing, and conversing instead of querying, is shifting the ways in which we interact with our devices.

Tilde brings together a team of passionate researchers and developers that stays ahead of the market trends. With the help of artificial intelligence, state-of-the art speech recognition, and 3D facial animations, the team explores and advances virtual assistants and conversational interfaces.

Communication and virtual assistants

Communication has never been easier

Forget about typing. Virtual assistants allow you to ask questions, send responses, and browse for information using voice commands.

chatbots for Customer service

Improved customer experience online

Transform one-way communication into dialogue. Add a human touch to online stores and customer surveys or automate basic requests.

virtual assistants and product development

Accessible solutions for your language products

Integrate virtual assistants into your language learning, knowledge assessment, and employee training platforms.

Meet a few of our chatbots


Laura is a virtual 3D-based chatbot prototype for mobile devices. With an intellectual database relying on Artificial Intelligence Mark-Up Language, Laura can respond in English to basic questions and engage in simple conversations.

Android       iOS       Windows phone

Skype       Facebook       Facebook Messenger        Microsoft Bot Framework

virtual assistant laura


Free interactive educational app for primary school children. The app teaches multiplication in Latvian language. 3D character will motivate and help your child to find a way out of the terrifying multiplication labyrinth.

Android       iOS       Windows phone

Skype       Facebook       Facebook Messenger        Microsoft Bot Framework

Laura Riga Guide

Laura Riga Guide is our new experimental virtual agent app. Laura will help you to find where to eat, what to see and what to do in Riga. Speak into the microphone or type “find nearest café,” “find the nearest bank,” “where can I eat,” “what to do,” and more.



Research co-financed by the European Regoinal Development Fund project "Information and Communication Technology Competence Center," contract nr. L-KC-11-0003, ID nr.:


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