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K. Kauliņš: Who will benefit from the new Accessibility Act and how?


According to the Council of Europe data on 2022, 27% of the European population over 16 years of age have functional limitations.

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Artificial intelligence and large language model tools in business  – a sandbox for creators or a key to growth?


The potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its tools has long been a hot topic of public conversation, yet their application and the true business potential remain unclear.

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Translation mistakes that make you “lose it” on the way


The complex nature of localisation is so well known that “lost in translation” has become a metaphor for any miscommunication.

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Tilde, President of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs, and Maltese Minister Owen Bonnici engage in discussions on digital tools for the languages of small countries


Ċentru tal-Ilsien Malti (The Centre of the Maltese Language) organised a discussion session on digital tools tailored for the languages of small nations, including Malta and Latvia.

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AI, don't f*#$ up my name! Language is personal.


We’re all used to language technologies helping us in everyday activities, but what about those times when they fail? In this blog article, our Chief AI Officer, Mārcis Pinnis, explains how we develop language technologies, why they sometimes struggle, and the reasons behind it.

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Breaking Barriers: Riga Conference Explores AI's Transformative Impact on Lives of Persons with Disabilities


Inclusive Futures: Setting the Stage On the 8th of December, Riga became the focal point for an important dialogue on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the lives of people with disabilities.

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New digital solutions improve the quality of the academic environment


Faculty of leading universities and businesses have developed the study chatbot Digne: a 100% digital course ‘Civil Protection’, as well as a customized MT engine for academic personnel.

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Successful implementation and future prospects: Latvian-Uzbek collaboration in language technologies


As part of concluding the grant development cooperation project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Uzbek Agency for Technical Regulation in the Fields of Standardisation and Metrology in Line with International Practice” commenced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia in 20

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Researcher’s review of the 16th MT Marathon: machine translation trends and new tools to keep an eye on


I am Toms Bergmanis, a machine translation (MT) researcher and practitioner at Tilde.

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Tilde and Microsoft Collaborate Towards Inclusive Education With AI Speech-to-Text Technology


Tilde, one of Europe’s leading innovators in language technology, in partnership with Microsoft, aims to advance inclusive education through automatic speech recognition solutions.

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