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What is machine translation and how it benefits the public sector


There are currently around 7,111 known languages and dialects in the world, and the European Union accounts for more than 200 of them. How can governments reach such a diverse population and make information accessible to everyone?

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Our Europe. Our Languages. Our multilingual services.


Building digital bridges and opening a new dimension of multilingual communication with the EU Council Presidency Translator  Interpersonal communication is one of the most significant aspects of the human experience and it is something that has become more difficult during the COVID-19

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How game localization can take your business to the next level (and 5 steps to get started)


Gaming and e-sports are global, and, although the unifying language tends to be English, localizing your game for specific markets can have profound effects. Understanding your players’ needs is the single most important element of designing a successful game.

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14th biennial AMTA conference


AMTA is one of the most important machine translation industry conferences, which brings together experts and practitioners from research, industry, and academia. The 14th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas AMTA

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Machine Translation helps to support Georgia in dealing with COVID-19 pandemic


From September 27 to October 2, 2020, representatives from Tilde and Latvian Standard (LVS) went to Tbilisi, Georgia to visit the National Agency for Standards and Metrology of Georgia (GeoSTM) to implement the grant project “Stan

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EU Council Presidency Translator Disrupts Language Technology Landscape


Romania, Finland and Croatia, the recently concluded Trio Presidency of the Council of European Union, leverage their experience with EU Presidency Translator (Preside

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LVS experts together with Tilde will support Georgian colleagues in developing standards translation solutions and overcoming the COVID-19 challenges


On July 21, the Latvian Standard (LVS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia signed an agreement on the implementation of the grant project “Standardization as a support instrument for rapid response efforts to the state of emergency in Georgia caused by COVID-19 pandemic”

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German EU Council Presidency Translator is now available


Languages are a key part of our European identity and culture. Linguistic diversity is supported and celebrated as part of the EU’s motto “United in Diversity”.

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The secret value of recorded audio data for contact centres


Most companies providing customer or internal user support by phone make recordings of these conversations for quality assurance, but there’s so much more you can do with this data by introducing automated speech recognition (ASR) technology into your workflows.

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Introducing the latest innovation in Neural Machine Translation – Tilde MT Dynamic Learning


The European language technology innovator Tilde launches a revolutionary Dynamic Learning technology for machine translation. Tilde MT Dynamic Learning picks up human corrections in real time, thus significantly boosting the quality of machine translation.

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