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Tilde MT Award Winning technologies

Award winning technologies

We have turned our expertise and award-winning technologies into 40+ pre-trained MT systems to help you achieve excellent results and precise translations

Tilde Machine Translation Guarantees complete security and confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality

We use an SSL encrypted channel for all translation activities, and ensure that there are no data leaks or chance of any safety cracks.

Tilde MT Platform

Tilde MT Platform

Translate text, documents, and websites in a user-friendly, secure translation platform. Equipped with many powerful features to streamline your translation process.

Tilde MT

State-of-the-art translation technology for instant, fluent and secure translations

Tilde MT is created, tested, and recommended by linguists and language technology gurus worldwide, becoming a reliable and effective solution to automate and optimise the translation process and enable communication beyond any language. 

Along with the machine translation technology comes a powerful translation platform

Tilde MT platform is equipped with many robust features and even a built-in CAT tool. Tilde MT technology can also be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms and solutions (products, websites, CAT tools, etc.) and collaboration tools (email, intranet, etc.).

Tilde MT Platform

Award-Winning Machine Translation 

Tilde’s excellence in AI-driven language technologies has been recognised internationally by achieving remarkable success at the World Machine Translation competition for three consecutive years (WMT2017, WMT2018, WMT2019). Tilde's neural machine translation provides fluent, humanlike translations with higher quality and accuracy.

Tilde neural Machine translation (NMT)


What our clients are saying

Tilde MT is among a "new breed of hosted MT providers" that has successfully "simplified access for small language companies [to MT] and enabled them to use it. Many have flocked to it since that time.

Common Sense Advisory testimonial for Tilde

The site translated 2,750 stories last year, but it is working on making the translation process more efficient. One way it’s working to do that is through machine translations (..) with a Latvian company, Tilde. EurActiv (..) hopes the new technology will make the translation process three times faster.

Harvard University testimonial for Tilde
Nieman Journalism Lab
Harvard University

Tilde has developed the machine translation tool Hugo.lv, which has considerably improved the availability of e-government services of Latvia to the customers from Latvian, English and Russian language communities in Europe and the whole world.

Minister of Foreign Affairs testimonial for Tilde
Edgars Rinkevics
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia

The EU Council Presidency Translator project provided the Prime Minister’s Office with an excellent opportunity to use customised machine translation system. After a short test period, our language specialists have included machine translation in their daily translation work for their official presidency documents and administrative texts. Our language specialists have been very satisfied with neural machine translation and their ease of use, as it is seamlessly integrated into our translation memory tool.

Finland's Prime Minister Office testimonial for Tilde
Kaisa Kuhmonen
Head of Language Services Unit,  Prime Minister’s Office of Finland

Thanks to the Tilde MT system, we have been able to accelerate our global chess news production significantly." 

Sebastian Kuhnert
CEO, Chess24

Celsius is offering a variety of medical databases for doctors and pharmacists. All translations are done in-house in order to ensure a high quality and we were looking for solutions to automate the process. Tilde MT system has proven many times it is remarkably accurate and has become a fundamental tool for the translation process." 

Elise Urva

We are very satisfied with Tilde’s MT solution. The level of customer service, communication, support and understanding of all the people is incredible – you guys are awesome. We had tried a few MT engines before turning to Tilde and to be honest, we were lost and left by ourselves, plus the quality wasn’t that satisfying either.

Mariusz Polec  
Coordinator of the Technology Implementation Department, Intertext

Tilde’s MT engines are very high quality. We currently have 4 engines and are planning to create more in the near future. Your employees have demonstrated a high level of understanding of client’s needs and requirements and communication with your team is always easy and clear. We are very pleased." 

Anna Kubina
Translation Technology Team Lead, Kontekst

After conducting a thorough market research, we have chosen Tilde as our NMT partner and can confirm that it justifiably deserves its outstanding reputation in the industry. Its agile thinking and collaborative approach clearly sets it apart from its competitors. Tilde’s cutting edge technology, combined with its excellent customer support and responsiveness, makes it a first-class business partner." 

Paula Reichenberg

We are very satisfied with Tilde’s MT solution. The level of customer service, communication, support and understanding of all the people is incredible – you guys are awesome. We had tried a few MT engines before turning to Tilde and to be honest, we were lost and left by ourselves, plus the quality wasn’t that satisfying either.

Get IT
Piotr Peszynski
Machine Translation Specialist, GET IT

Tilde is always very reactive and supportive. It is a pleasure to work together and meeting all you guys, regardless of this happening in a professional work environment or outside that. Our project managers are very happy with Tilde’s NMT and the feedback from our vendors is also very good. Before choosing MT provider, we approached other providers out there in the market, however, we chose Tilde because it provides highly customised systems for small languages while offering a great deal of experience.

Ēriks Bunclers
Business Development Manager, Linearis

My experience with Tilde MT has been very pleasant. I am currently also working with another MT system and thus can compare it with Tilde MT – the system is surprisingly good, and it seems to outdo other neural machine translation systems. Specifically, your MT system seems to be capable of learning certain things that are context-dependent, which is of course quite an achievement since it has been argued that only humans can truly utilise contexts and that MT systems can only react to certain aspects of contexts but not really learn from such reactions. 

Pertti Hietaranta
Professional Translator

Tilde’s Dynamic Learning Technology opens a new dimension in the Neural Machine Translation. Hieronymus Ltd specializes in legal translations, and we need to keep adapting our terminology and style to various legal sub-domains. The Dynamic Learning Technology will further enhance the performance of our custom NMT-engines by allowing us to adapt them in real time to each specific topic. We are thrilled to be one the first customers to benefit from this new feature." 

Paula Reichenberg

We were excited to test Tilde's Dynamic Learning feature for Polish - English translations. We use general engines for many of our projects, and now with Dynamic feature, we will have an engine that adapts to a specific project considering customer’s style and terminology. We're enthusiastic about the opportunities this technology could bring in the future." 

Izabela Radomska
Head of Project management,  Bireta

Tilde MT system allows the Smart Cities Marketplace users from across Europe to use valuable knowledge to implement smart city projects, in their own language. This enhances chances of finding partners, solutions and finance for improving daily life in cities in our continent." 

Smart Cities
Eelco Kruizinga
Matchmaking specialist,  The Smart Cities Marketplace

Thanks to Tilde’s machine translator, the Latvia.eu portal of the Latvian Institute has been available in 13 languages for slightly more than a year. It directly promotes and improves the “brand” of Latvia in the world. The portal allows non-English speakers learn about Latvia, its beauty and values.

Latvijas Instituts
Šarlote Līduma
Interim Director, Latvian Institute

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