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chart boost translation productivity

Boost translation productivity

The use of MT has been proven to help professional translators work 35% faster, raising efficiency.

machine translation reach global audience

Reach global audiences

Integrating MT into your online platform allows audiences to read content in their native language.

machine translation access multilingual information

Access multilingual information

MT enables organizations to analyze and access information from all over the world, in any language.

How can Tilde custom machine translation help you?

For Localization Service Providers

The most innovative LSPs are turning to machine translation to help them meet the growing demand for localization. MT can not only boost productivity, but also help LSPs reduce costs and drive revenue. Start today!

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machine translation for localization service providers
machine translation for business and enterprises

For Enterprise Users

Machine translation helps global business reach across language barriers to address consumers in all markets. Customers want to see information in their own native language. MT is the key to reaching global clients.

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For Public Administrations

Public administration use machine translation to enable access to e-services for all citizens and residents. Tilde is a recognized leader in developing MT services for EU government and organizations.

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machine translation for public administration


Why Tilde MT? Check out our special features

machine translation terminology integration

Terminology integration

Boost your system's accuracy with terminology integration. This ensures that industry-specific terms are translated correctly and consistently.

machine translation document translation

Full document translation

Translate entire documents with the click of a button. Simply upload or drag/drop a document and a full translation is provides in seconds. It’s that easy.

machine translation data library

Data library

Don't have enough data? No problem. We can draw from our huge multilingual Data Library to improve your MT system's capabilities.

machine translation tilde lets mt technology

Neural machine translation

Neural machine translation produces more fluent, humanlike translations, substantially boosting the level of MT quality and accuracy.

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What our clients are saying

Tilde MT is among a "new breed of hosted MT providers" that has successfully "simplified access for small language companies [to MT] and enabled them to use it. Many have flocked to it since that time.

Common Sense Advisory testimonial for Tilde
Common Sense Advisory

The site translated 2,750 stories last year, but it is working on making the translation process more efficient. One way it’s working to do that is through machine translations (..) with a Latvian company, Tilde. EurActiv (..) hopes the new technology will make the translation process three times faster.

Harvard University testimonial for Tilde
Nieman Journalism Lab
Harvard University

Tilde has developed the machine translation tool, which has considerably improved the availability of e-government services of Latvia to the customers from Latvian, English and Russian language communities in Europe and the whole world.

Minister of Foreign Affairs testimonial for Tilde
Edgars Rinkevics
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia

The EU Council Presidency Translator project provided the Prime Minister’s Office with an excellent opportunity to use customised machine translation system. After a short test period, our language specialists have included machine translation in their daily translation work for their official presidency documents and administrative texts. Our language specialists have been very satisfied with neural machine translation and their ease of use, as it is seamlessly integrated into our translation memory tool.

Finland's Prime Minister Office testimonial for Tilde
Kaisa Kuhmonen
Head of Language Services Unit,  Prime Minister’s Office of Finland