Language technologies for a connected world

Cross language barriers and reach global audiences with Tilde's award-winning language technology, translation and localization services.

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Tilde MT

Machine Translation

Translate content instantly with Tilde's custom MT, specially tailored for your language, terminology, and style.

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Tilde Terminology

AI-powered chatbots

Interact with users in any language with our innovative virtual assistants and conversational agents.

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Tilde Localization

Translation & Localization

Speak your customer's language and adapt your products for international markets with our translation and localization services.

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Our translator supports a wide range of languages, both large and small

Not all languages are alike. Though larger languages enjoy widespread support from language technology, smaller languages are overlooked. To ensure that Europe’s languages are given equal treatment, we focus on complex and highly inflected languages.

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Our clients

Organizations across the
world rely on Tilde to enable multilingual communication

Localization companies, multinational corporations, and public administrations use Tilde’s services to cross language barriers in their everyday work.

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What’s new at Tilde

June 11, 2021

The COMPRISE Speech to Text Translation has been released!

The COMPRISE Speech to Text Translation is now publicly available.

June 8, 2021

Tilde together with the University of Tartu takes Estonian machine translation to a new level

The Institute of the Estonian Language and the Estonian Ministry of Educ

April 20, 2021

Machine Translation - Five Benefits that Make Every Business Grow

The main goal of every business is to accelerate its growth and generate