Tilde is a leading European language technology company, that focuses its research and development activities on multilingual data processing technologies such as
custom machine translation, knowledge and data
management, processing of written and spoken
language, and multimodal conversational interfaces.

Training Systems

Tilde ASR Training platform

Develop and dynamically update your custom ASR/Speech-to-text models for voice-enabled applications and IT solutions!

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Medicine bot

Hospital Concierge

Voice-enabled AI virtual assistant to support hospital visitors.

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Speech translation

Communicate beyond language with speech translation

AI-powered speech translation will instantly translate your spoken works into your desired target language, giving you superpowers to understand and be understood in any language!

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Current projects


Earth Observation Multi-mission federation layer

European space industry is moving towards an architecture where satellites and ground sensors are integrated into a federation system to make Earth observation assets available to business and public services.The DOMINO-E project aims at solving the key challenge of availability and reactivity of Earth observation from space. The technology will enable multi-mission accessibility in a scalable and automated way that allows the end-user to address a variety of acquisition assets by implementing a multi-mission and multi-sensor federation layer and using scheduling and optimization algorithms.

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European Language Data Space

Through the Language Data Space (LDS) relevant stakeholders, e.g., from the publishing, language technology or press industry, will be able to share and also monetise their language data and other language resources (e.g., language models) through a single platform, taking EU values and compliance with EU rules fully into account. With the creation of the LDS platform, we aim at marking a turning point in the approach to the collection of language resources: the LDS will help European industry to compete globally with the language technology services provided by US or Chinese companies, and to build trust throughout the language data sharing process.

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All projects

elrc project


The HumanE AI Net brings together top European research centers, universities and key industrial champions into a network of centers of excellence that goes beyond a narrow definition of AI and combines world leading AI competence with key players in related areas such as HCI, cognitive science, social sciences and complexity science. The project aims to develop the scientific foundations and technological breakthroughs needed to shape the AI revolution in a direction that is beneficial to humans both individually and societally, and adheres to European ethical values and social, cultural, legal, and political norms. The goal is to facilitate AI systems that enhance human capabilities and empower individuals and society as a whole while respecting human autonomy and self-determination. 

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Our researchers

The strong research and innovation team at Tilde conducts cutting-edge work in multilingual data technologies such as machine translation and content analytics tools.

Dr. sc. comp. Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Chairman of the Board, Tilde

Andrejs Vasiļjevs
Dr. sc. comp., Co-founder and Member of the Board

Raivis Skadiņš

Raivis Skadiņš
Dr. comp. sc.Director of R&D

Inguna Skadiņa

Inguna Skadiņa
Dr. sc. comp.Chief Scientific Officer


Daiga Deksne
Dr. philol., Mg. comp. sc., Mg. phil., Software Architect


Mārcis Pinnis
Dr. sc. comp., Chief AI Officer


Valters Šics
Mg. comp. sc., Researcher


Inese Vīra
MA, Graphic Visualization Specialist

Inguna Skadiņa

Askars Salimbajevs
Dr. sc. comp., Researcher

Rinalds Vīksna

Rinalds Vīksna
Mg. comp. sc., Researcher