Tilde General Privacy Policy

Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly refers to you. We process your personal data pursuant to the law of the Republic of Latvia, the applicable EU law, and this Privacy Policy.

Protection of Privacy at Tilde and Your Personal Data

As we believe that the privacy and protection of personal data of our customers are very important, we take great care to ensure that. As we have always been open with you, we have prepared a personal data protection policy for you to know how we collect your personal data and how and when we use them.

What personal data do we process?

The processed personal data depend on the respective product or online service. Here are some examples:

  • When you purchase a product in our on-line store, we save information that is needed for the completion of the transaction and invoicing purposes.
  • When you translate texts with our translation tool Tilde Machine Translation, we keep the source and translated texts to improve the quality of our service, and they will not be attributed to a particular person.
  • We use cookies and compile data about the visitors of our homepage and the views of our online advertisements, e.g. IP addresses of visitors (see Cookie Policy).
  • When filling a contact form on Tilde.com, the person agrees that the provided data will be forwarded to Tilde team, but used only for purpose of contacting the person. By submitting the personal details data subject agrees, that Tilde can send a message to the provided e-mail address.

For what purpose do we use this information?

We compile personal data to ensure the provision of services, comply with the applicable law and improve the quality of our services.

We compile and analyze personal data, e.g. information about your online habits, if you have allowed such collection in the settings of your device.

We use this information to send you - our customer offers and other messages that could be of use to you. As we try not to send irrelevant messages, we offer only what in our opinion might be of the greatest relevance for you. Like with other marketing messages, you have a right to refuse this communication by sending a request to dpo@tilde.lv.

What are the legal grounds for processing of personal data?

We process personal data only in cases, when one of the following legal grounds exists:

  • Processing of data is needed to sell a product or enter into a services agreement.
  • If you as a data subject has given a consent to the processing of your personal data. You have a right to withdraw your consent to further processing of your personal data by sending a request to us.
  • Processing of personal data is needed to safeguard our legitimate interests.

Who can access your data?

Only those employees of Tilde Sia that require your personal data for professional purposes have access to them.

We never sell personal data to third parties.

Cross-border Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data are stored in the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as in the USA with organizations that qualify under the Privacy Shield framework.

Considering the global nature of information technology and the available technological solutions, quite often we have to process your data by means of cloud services located in other countries. Tilde uses several global cloud services, for example Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Telia Cloudy, and Amazon Web Services.

Any cross-border transfer of personal data is carried out pursuant to the applicable EU law on the protection of personal data.

Access to Your Information and Its Correction

We would like to be sure that the personal data that we keep are accurate and updated. You can ask us to correct or delete information, if it is inaccurate or obsolete. You also have a right to ask to delete information about you, if there are no legal grounds for its further processing.

Contact Details of Your Personal Data Controller

We act as your personal data controller and you can reach us by e-mail: dpo@tilde.lv or by mail: Sia Tilde, Vienības gatve 75A, Rīga, LV-1004.

For the purposes of protecting personal data Tilde Sia is supervised by the Data State Inspectorate. Please contact us, before you lodge a complaint with the Data State Inspectorate.

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