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Translate texts, documents, and even websites

Quickly translate full-page documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, sdlxlif, tmx, etc.) and effortlessly access foreign websites while preserving the original formatting with Tilde’s MT.

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Get your translations right where you need them

Whether you need to translate a 100-page contract in our secure Tilde MT platform, translate a client email directly in Outlook, or connect our MT to your favourite CAT tool – we got you covered.

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The right machine translation engine for your needs

Machine Translation CAT Tools

Generic engine

Take it and use it – as simple as that! More than 70+ language combinations and various integrations are available at the secure and fast Tilde MT platform.


MT languages

Adaptive engine

Enjoy on-the-fly domain adaptation! Tilde MT Dynamic Learning© learns from your corrections and gives more accurate translations as you keep working.


adaptive machine translation languages

Custom engine

Precise translations for your success! Trained with your data and terminology to give you accurate translations that reflect your brand, vocabulary, and domain.


Features of Tilde's MT that makes your life more productive

Access the largest terminological resource

Data security and confidentiality

Your data are neither stored, nor analysed, and are immediately deleted when you receive your translation unless you have chosen to keep them in your private translation memory.

Access the largest terminological resource

Secure translation platform

Translate texts, documents, and websites with our comprehensive, easy-to-use, and secure Tilde’s Machine Translation platform.

Access the largest terminological resource

Tilde CAT tool

Have complete control over translation editing by using translation memories, terminology, and machine translation in our integrated CAT tool.

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

CAT Tool Plugins

Connect your current CAT tools to Tilde’s MT – plugins are available for SDL Trados, Phrase, and MemoQ.

Access the largest terminological resource

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Send and receive translated emails in real-time directly in your Microsoft Outlook. 

Access the largest terminological resource

Translate documents

Translate any volume of documents in any format (PDF, Word, Excel and 30 other formats) and keep the original formatting. 

Access the largest terminological resource


Build unique terminology collections for each domain and project to define how specific words and phrases should be translated. Learn more

Access the largest terminological resource

Tilde API

Connect Tilde MT to your working environment effortlessly using an easy-to-setup API for smooth and fast translations. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is machine translation (MT)?

Machine translation (MT or neural machine translation) is an automated translation process during which machine translation software translates source content into target languages.

How does machine translation work?

Machine translation works according to specific algorithm sets called machine translation engines that deal with large amounts of data in source and target languages by connecting them in correct language pairs. There are three main types of Tilde’s machine translation engines: generic engines for general use and general translations, adaptive engines (Tilde’s MT Dynamic Learning) that learn from user corrections and adapts for further translations, and custom engines that are specifically trained with individual data to adjust the translations to specific terminology, brand voice, and domain.

What document formats I can translate?

You can translate doc, docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, odp, ods, txt, html, htm, xhtml, xht, tmx, xlf, xlif, xliff, sdlxliff, sdlxlf, ttx, rtf, pages, tex, xml, json, sxw, pdf, csv, ttl, srt, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp file formats.

What is the difference between Tilde’s Machine Translation and Tilde’s MT translation platform?

Tilde’s Machine Translation is the technology that translates from one language into another, whereas Tilde’s MT translation platform is a secure translation workspace where you do your translation jobs.

What are the benefits of Machine Translation?

With Machine Translation, you can significantly increase the volume and efficiency of your translation operations irrespective of your status: a freelance translator, a language service provider, or a private or public organization. Machine translation automates and optimizes translation processes by decreasing the time and effort needed to translate texts, documents, or webpages in various languages. Machine translation is also a great help in internal and external communication to enable more efficient and faster communication between customers, teams, and stakeholders.

What makes Tilde’s Machine Translation stand out among other machine translation providers?

When you work with Tilde, you tap into more than 20 years of research and innovation. Tilde is a regional language technology research hub and a pioneer of neural networks to develop machine translation solutions. When customers choose Tilde, they can be sure that they will receive quality, flexibility, and security along customer-focused approach and ongoing support. Tilde’s expertise in AI-powered language solutions has been recognized internationally: for four consecutive years it has won the World Machine Translation competition known as the Olympic Games (WMT2017-WMT2020) making it a trusted partner to overcome the language barrier.