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The virtual assistant UNA developed by Tilde helps win The International Quality Awards 2018!


On November 21, The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia was awarded first place in "The International Qualit

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Estonian neural MT finally reaches cutting edge


Tilde’s ENG-ET-ENG machine translation systems have achieved the highest score in WMT2018 – the global Olympics for MT researchers and developers! Following our last year’s success in WMT2017 we’re again tremendously proud a

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Tilde pledges to not develop lethal autonomous weapons


Tilde joins thousands of world's top researchers and entrepreneurs in a pledge promising not to development towards lethal autonomous weapons systems. We vow not to take part into such research because both moral and pragmat

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Tilde Virtual Assistant makes talking to the government effortless


Having just released UNA, a web and Facebook Messenger based virtual assistant for Enterprise Register of Latvia, Tilde proves that AI can make life easier for both government clerks and their clients.

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Tilde R&D showcased at LREC 2018 conference in Japan


This week work of Tilde's Research and Development team is being presented at the 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Miyazaki, Jap

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Official website of the 2018 EU Council Presidency integrates Tilde's Neural MT service


The official website of the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency,, has integrated a Neural MT service developed by Tilde.

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Deep Learning - European project QT21 tops international Machine Translation competition for the second year running


QT21, a Machine Translation research project which is funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), has again reached a significant milestone this summer: for the second time in a row, QT21 ranked first on more than 80% of the translation tasks organized as benchmarking by the Conference on Machine Translation(WMT17), winning all tests on those languages considered complex like Latvian or Chinese.

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EU Council Presidency begins using AI-powered translation tool


At the Tallinn Digital Summit, the EU Council Presidency will begin using an AI-powered translation tool to enable multilingual communication. The new tool, developed by the language technology company Tilde, helps to cross language barriers for the thousands of EU delegates and journalists attending official events and meetings during the EU Council Presidency.

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