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Multilingual tool for the EU Presidency to be unveiled at Tallinn Digital Summit


Tilde will unveil a multilingual communication tool developed for the EU Council Presidency next week at the Tallinn Digital Summit, a high-level event for EU heads of state, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. 

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Tilde MT autumn newsletter


Read the Tilde MT autumn newsletter to find out more about what's new with the team at Tilde MT.

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Tilde introduces recent achievements in neural machine translation


Tilde’s research results in neural machine translations were presented at the TSD 2017 conference. Research findings show promising results in improving quality of translations for named entities and technical texts.

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Tilde demonstrates System for Speech Transcription and Post-editing at INTERSPEECH 2017


Last week Tilde participated in INTERSPEECH 2017, the world’s largest conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. At the conference Tilde demonstrated its speech transcription and post-editing tool in Microsoft Word.

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New video presentation on Tilde's custom MT solutions


The website published a video presentation by Tilde on "Enabling Multilingualism in the Digital Age."

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Tilde's Neural MT systems win first place in World "MT Olympics"


Neural MT systems developed by Tilde's MT team have won first place in the World "MT Olympics," a global competition between language technology providers.

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Second phase of development begins for Latvia's public MT service,


Tilde has begun the second phase of development for the Latvian government's machine translation service,

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The Guardian publishes interview with Tilde on multilingual data


The Guardian published an interview with Tilde about building language technology services with multilingual open data. Headlined "Tilde is revolutionising language translation with open data," the interview appeared in the online edition of The Guardian on June 29.

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Tilde MT platform offers new term integration function


Tilde now offers a brand new terminology integration function, which allows translators to select and edit term sets directly in the Tilde MT platform. Utilizing this new feature, translators can significantly boost the accuracy of their translations.

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WSIS Forum features session on multilingualism led by Tilde


Language technology has tremendous potential to enable access to information and full participation in the Knowledge Society for all citizens. Yet only handful of languages have advanced technological support in digital world. The workshop at the World Summit on the Information society organized and led by Tilde will address the issue and show best practices on successfully developing digital tools for smaller languages.

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