Tildes Birojs

The leading desktop proofing software in the Baltic states includes MT systems for all three Baltic languages, with nearly half a million daily users.

Tildes Birojs is the leading desktop proofing software in the Baltic states, with nearly 500 000 daily users in two countries. The software includes grammar and spelling checkers, fonts for a variety of keyboard layouts, and a thesaurus.

Tildes Birojs

For business, education and individual use.

Complete Latvian and foreign language support in the digital environment.

The product offers:

  • new and modern interface
  • spelling and grammar checking
  • translation tools
  • image recognition and other options

The software features the world’s best machine translation systems for the Baltic languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian. Users can translate words, texts, and full documents in an easy to use interface.

Tilde not only developed the MT systems, but also provides scalable hosting of these engines, accommodating thousands of translations requests per day.