“LexMachina”, a cluster of 12 customised Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems has brought a new level of success and innovation to Hieronymus.


Hieronymus is a Swiss boutique legal and financial translation agency that provides translation services to law firms, banks, investment funds, insurance companies, public authorities, and legal departments of large Swiss corporations. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has seen steady growth in the highly competitive language services industry, however, Hieronymus realised how vital is technology in the translation industry and developed an innovative neural machine translation (NMT) strategy to ensure and accelerate its long-term growth. 


To implement its sophisticated NMT strategy, Hieronymus looked for a suitable NMT partner that would be able to meet its strict requirements in terms of data quality and adaptive domain specialisation while complying with stringent security and confidentiality requirements. Hieronymus needed: 

  • high-quality custom NMT that is tailored to its specific terminology and style requirements, 
  • to store the NMT engines and data on Swiss-based infrastructure to ensure that all data and translations remain in Switzerland, 
  • to be able to fully control the data path and storage processes, and 
  • to ensure compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Standards.

In addition to incorporating the NMT in their internal their translation workflow, Hieronymus also wanted to leverage NMT capabilities to offer a new product to their law firm clients: legal machine translation infrastructure that lawyers could use independently with a guarantee of full confidentiality and “Swissness”.


Tilde was able to guarantee compliance with the highest security standards thanks to its Microsoft Azure CPU infrastructure in Switzerland that allows Hieronymus to comply with all legal and customer requirements and to guarantee that no data leave Switzerland at any point during the translation process.

To meet the challenges of Hieronymus NMT strategy, Tilde employed the latest cutting-edge AI-driven technology to develop “LexMachina”: a cluster of 12 customized Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems that were tailored to the company’s specific needs – local language specificities, company style, and specific domain terminology for various areas of the law, including criminal law, tax law, banking & finance, and insurance. 


Hieronymus currently employs these custom NMT engines in its CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools and Microsoft applications. Tilde’s NMT solutions have already allowed Hieronymus to increase its translation efficiency.

I have been asked by many LSPs to work with their “custom-made NMT solution” before. Honestly, this has always been a waste of time, and my hourly rate decreased so much that I had to refuse any further projects. LexMachina is the first engine I have tested that really helped me and made my work more efficient. In translating this Notice of Annual General Meeting, I saved more than 50% of translation time.” 

B. J. S. , Legal translator

Post-editing legal translations generated with LexMachina is a real time-saver and a pleasure. It is obvious that the engine has been trained with proper Swiss data: it knows the right abbreviations, the Swiss terminology and style and the technical terms are used more consistently than with any other MT solution I know.” 

O. Laeri, legal translator

Hieronymus vision of a do-it-yourself platform for Swiss lawyers combined with Tilde’s know-how, experience, and state-of-the-art technologies have resulted in the innovative and secure LexMachina platform thoroughly tested by lawyers and offering legal professionals a tool for reliable, instant and confidential translations of their legal documents. 


I can confirm that Tilde has rightly earned its outstanding reputation in the industry. Its agile thinking and collaborative approach clearly sets it apart from competitors. Tilde’s cutting-edge technology combined with its excellent customer support and responsiveness makes it a first-class business partner.

Paula Reichenberg, Hieronymus CEO