With custom Tilde MT systems, Graze was able to expand its audience by automatically providing multilingual content for their users.


Graze.link is a real-time business intelligence and multilingual media monitoring company. Graze specialises in business intelligence, social media monitoring, business analytics, reputation monitoring, sentiment analysis, news feed generation, and multilingual news.


Business intelligence relies on analysis of huge amounts of data from all over the world. To carefully curate this data and make it more accessible to businesses, Graze developed a tool that provides a live stream of content relevant to the user’s business. Graze runs a search for user’s content from data in languages that they do not speak. Since there are large volumes of multilingual data that needs to be translated quickly, Graze needed machine translation to help provide instant multilingual content.


Because much of this content is multilingual, Graze asked Tilde to build and integrate secure MT systems into the platform. The MT systems ensure that users can instantly view translations of news articles, social media posts, discussion forums, blogs, corporate website and other data sets written in multiple languages, providing actionable insights about competitors, topics of interests, and consumer opinions.


For the Graze platform, Tilde built custom MT systems for Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, and French. The systems were specially tailored for the business news domain, ensuring higher translation quality than generic systems. To ensure data confidentiality for users, the systems were installed in-house on Graze infrastructure. With Tilde MT integration, multilingual content gets translated automatically to give the user direct access to all information on the spot.



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