European Commission

To facilitate multilingual communication in Europe, Tilde is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European MT infrastructure.

Known as CEF.AT (Connecting Europe Facility, Automated Translation), the platform will include automated translation systems for all EU languages and multiple domains, which will facilitate the exchange of documents and other linguistic content in Europe.

European Commission

More about the project

The systems in CEF.AT will be integrated into public online services, such as Europeana, the Open Data Portal, and the Online Dispute Resolution platform. With the help of CEF.AT, Europe will be one step closer towards operating without language barriers.

Tilde is working on substantially improving the quality and coverage of machine translation services on the CEF AT platform by doing the following:

  • acquiring additional language resources for improving the CEF AT platform

  • providing related data refinement/processing services for all acquired resources

  • deepening and extending the efforts at collecting language resources from EU Member States in order to improve the quality and coverage of the CEF AT platform