The security of documents should be of primary importance to corporate MT users. That's why a generic online translation services such as Google Translate and Bing aren't sufficient. Tilde's custom MT systems offer full data security.

Thanks to our security measures, our corporate and government customers can use their MT system to translate even confidential documentation.

machine translation feature Security

Guaranteeing data security

The complete security of translations is provided for all customers. Customer data will never be shared or passed on to third parties.

  • We use a safe, encrypted channel for all activities, and the Tilde MT platform operates with a SSL certificate.
  • When data is uploaded to the platform, it can no longer be downloaded. This provides an extra layer of security, so that no third parties can access data.
  • Clients can also choose to deploy their MT systems on-premise in their own infrastructure

Tilde's committment to data security has been proven by our long-term work with customers in the EU public sector, including two EU governments and the European Commission.