Tilde MT special features

The features in Tilde MT technology are developed by Tilde's research and innovation team, which has over 20 years of experience in language technology development. To support innovation, Tilde also collaborates with partners around the world in projects aimed at pushing the limits of MT. 

Tilde custom machine translation


The adaptation of MT systems to specific domains provides consistent translations of specialized texts.

machine translation feature Security


Custom MT systems provide secure translations of even confidential content, without fear of data leaks.

machine translation feature Cloud and On-Premise hosting

Cloud and On-Premise hosting

Choose how you’d like to host your custom MT system – either in the cloud or in your own infrastructure. We leave the decision up to you.

secure machine translation

Terminology Integration

Boost your system’s accuracy with terminology integration. This ensures that terms are translated correctly and consistently.

machine translation feature CAT tool integration

CAT tool integration

Adding MT to your translation workflow has never been easier. Thanks to our CAT tool plug-ins, you can use Tilde MT systems in your translation environment.

Interactive BLEU machine translation system evaluation

Interactive BLEU

With the Interactive BLEU tool, users can see their system evaluation results in a dynamic, sentence-by-sentence graph, or compare two systems to see which performs better.

machine translation feature Full document translation

Full document translation

Translate entire documents with the click of a button. Simply upload or drag/drop a document and a full translation is provides in seconds. It’s that easy.

machine translation feature Data library

Data library

Don't have enough data? No problem. We can draw from our huge multilingual Data Library to improve your MT system 's capabilities.

Preserves formatting

Preserves formatting

Formatting should never get lost in translation. Our MT systems guarantee that the formatting of your translated documents always matches the original.

machine translation feature Tag processing

Tag processing

Translators often receive documents that include formatting tags, placeholders, and bits of code. Tilde’s MT systems correctly deal with complex tags in CAT tools.

Linguistic expertise

Linguistic expertise

Tilde has special expertise in building MT systems for complex, highly inflected languages. We enable smaller languages in the digital age.

machine translation feature Compatibility and Plug-ins

Compatibility and Plug-ins

Our MT systems are compatible with the most used translation tools in the industry. Users can not only acquire static translations but also dynamically tailor the translations

Tilde machine translation lets mt technology

LetsMT Technology

Tilde MT systems are powered by our patented LetsMT technology, developed by a consortium of the world 's leading language researchers.

Full-service machine translation platform

Full-service MT platform

To meet the professional needs of translators and localization departments, Tilde offers the full cycle of services required to develop fully customized MT systems.

machine translation feature Build your own MT systems

Build your own MT systems

The Tilde MT platform provides you with all the facilities to build your own MT system. Upload your data in the platform's easy-to-use interface and start training in just a few clicks.

Automatic conversions machine translation

Automatic conversions

Systems built on the Tilde MT platform now provide automatic conversions of language-specific punctuation and number formatting.

machine translation feature Build your own MT systems

Dynamic learning

With Dynamic Learning, MT engines can continuously improve through use, raising translation quality over time.