Management facilities

Allow technology to redesign your workflow. With Tilde Terminology management facilities professionals can easily eliminate manual, routine, and repetitive tasks from terminology work.

Tilde Terminology automates term acquisition, extraction, and reuse of terminological data. Users can easily share their terminology and collaborate on projects. Terminology professionals can focus on tasks where human knowledge and expertise are invaluable and let the services take care of the rest.

tilde terminology services feature management facilities

Redesign your terminology workflow

Tilde Terminology Services enhance searching, extraction, termbase development, and collaboration experience by providing blended workspace.

Within one working environment users can perform all key terminology tasks:

  • Identification and extraction of term candidates from documents uploaded by users using the latest advances in linguistically and statistically motivated terminology processing
  • Lookup of translations in existing terminological resources, acquisition of translation candidates from parallel and comparable corpora acquired from the Web using linguistic tools
  • Collaborative terminology refinement and approval of raw terminology extracted automatically, for example, deletion of irrelevant or unreliable term candidates and “incorrect” extraction (for example, a part of a longer noun group or irrelevant terms); definition of termhood and unithood; term variant identification; deduplication; bilingual checking of translation equivalents and deletion of irrelevant or unreliable translation equivalents; validation term candidates in context etc.
  • Crowd-sourced refinement and approval of term candidates and their translations
  • Sharing of terminology projects and terminological data with other users within a team and with external terminological resources


Other Terminology Services features

tilde terminology services feature integration


Work with your terms in your translation environment tool, machine translation or content management system.

tilde terminology services feature linguistic excellence

Linguistic excellence

Term identification and translation lookup of higher quality with linguistic tools, especially for languages with rich morphology.

tilde terminology services feature Secure storage

Secure storage

Cloud technology ensures a safe storage of your terminology, facilities for collaboration, and support for remote work. 

tilde terminology services feature Various formats

Various formats

Support for term identification and extraction, import and export options in all most popular document formats.