Tilde continues to support Georgian National Agency For Standards And Metrology

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Tilde continues to support Georgian National Agency For Standards And Metrology

In cooperation with the Latvian Standard (LVS), Tilde has started to implement the grant project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia "Supporting the creation of sustainable infrastructure for the use of modern language technologies in Georgian public administration by proposing automatic translation solutions and expanding opportunities of the machine translation platform introduced within the standardization system".

The National Agency for Standards and Metrology of Georgia (GeoSTM) and the State Language Department (SLD) are the project partners in the beneficiary country.

The project aims to continue the activity already started last year in the framework of the development cooperation project by expanding the use of the neural machine translation infrastructure, and to improve the capacity of public administration to provide information by introducing an automatic translation solution on its official websites to fight against the infodemic and misinformation.

The project includes translation of standards from English into Georgian and their adoption at the national level in the tourism sector that is of strategic importance to the Georgian economy. As a result, the machine translation memory will be supplemented and improved by adding new collections of translated industry-specific texts that will improve the availability and quality of international documents relevant to this industry in Georgia.

During the project, multiple workshops will take place where the project partners will share progress in creating a standardization machine translation platform and its use in other areas and bodies.

A public seminar in Tbilisi on language technology and language policy in the digital age will be one of the main project activities. It will take place in cooperation with LVS and SLD. This cooperation was already started in the framework of the project implemented the previous year. Currently, project partners are working on the formulation and development of a common national language strategy.

The fight against misinformation and disinformation is an important part of the project, as this problem has affected not only Georgia, but also the rest of the world. The automatic website translation widget developed by Tilde has been selected for this purpose and will be integrated in GeoSTM and SLD websites. As a result, availability of undistorted and up-to-date information will be ensured in the digital environment.

Overall, the implementation of the project will complement the current results of the GeoSTM digital program, and expand Tilde’s cooperation with partner bodies in Georgia for the transfer and use of language technology knowledge.

The project has received funding from the 2021 development cooperation budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.



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