Tilde Machine Translation for Enterprise Users

Companies that want to go global must communicate with customers in multiple markets. However, studies show that the majority of consumers only purchase products and services if they are presented in their native language.

MT can help companies “speak globally” by providing instant translations of texts, full documents, and websites. Systems can be integrated into a wide variety of applications, including websites, mobile apps, intranet portals, customer service forums, and online platforms.

Thanks to the integration of MT, companies can not only reach across language barriers to address global customers, but also facilitate multilingual communication internally among employees from across the world.

chart machine translation boost sales

Boost cross-border sales

The Global e-commerce platforms that integrate MT can increase sales to customers across borders.

machine translation reach global audience

Reach global audiences

Integrating MT into your online platform allows audiences to read content in their native language.

machine translation access multilingual information

Access multilingual information

MT enables organizations to analyze and access information from all over the world, in any language

Main Features of Tilde Machine Translation


The adaptation of MT systems to specific domains provides consistent translations of specialized texts.

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Tilde custom machine translation

machine translation dynamic learning

Dynamic Learning

MT systems consistently improve through use, as a translator’s post-edits are automatically fed back to the engines.

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Unlike generic translation services, custom MT systems provide secure translations of content, without fear of data leaks

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secure machine translation

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Custom solutions for our clients and partners

IBM Tilde machine translation


Global tech leader IBM uses Tilde’s domain-specific MT systems for Danish to translate product info.

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hugo tilde machine translation


A comprehensive machine translation service for the Latvian public sector, enabling multilingualism in the government's e-services.

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machine translation business intelligence graze


This business intelligence platform integrated Tilde MT systems for 7 languages, including Chinese and Arabic.

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