Terminology Integration

Boost your system’s accuracy with terminology integration. This ensures that terms are translated correctly and consistently.

Terminology has traditionally been a stumbling block for statistical MT. Tilde has developed a special solution to overcome this challenge: advanced terminology management and integration.

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How can terminology integration help you?

Terminology integration ensures that terms are always used in the right inflectional forms, taking into account the proper context. By assigning a client-specific term collection for a particular project, users can dynamically tailor their translations at run-time level, boosting accuracy and consistency.

  • Boost translation accuracy and consistency by over 30%
  • Dynamically tailor translations with terms in the right inflectional forms
  • Assign term collections to be used for specific projects

Terminology integration is a key feature of Tilde’s MT technology. Glossaries and term sets can be added to MT systems during the training process, as well as integrated at runtime level. This has been proven to boost the accuracy of a given MT system by over 30%.

For users that don’t have comprehensive term glossaries, Tilde also offers to extract terms from user documentation, using its cloud service Tilde Terminology. With Tilde Terminology, terms can be automatically identified and extracted from documents, creating a glossary on demand.

In addition, Tilde maintains the extensive EuroTermBank – the largest free online terminology resource. EuroTermBank contains over 2.3 million terms in 27 languages. Terms from this resource can be integrated into MT systems by users or by our MT team.

One of the key features is runtime terminology integration. This means that our users can use the same MT system for several clients in the same domain by just switching terminology glossaries. These glossaries must be uploaded in the translate page.

Sample glossaries can be downloaded here:

Add your term collections to MT engines

When translating with custom MT systems in our online platform, users can select between various term collections for a specific project. Terms will be used to dynamically tailor translations with terms in the correct inflectional forms.

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Adding terms in CAT tools

When translating in CAT tools, users can not only acquire static translations from their Tilde MT engines, but also dynamically tailor the translations by assigning a client-specific term collection to use for a particular project.

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Manage Terminology

With our online service Tilde Terminology, users can build a glossary on the fly. Identify term candidates in your documents, extract terms, look up translation equivalents, and assemble your own glossaries.

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