Vilnius University uses Tilde technology to modernize public machine translation platform  

Modernizing machine translation platform 

Vilnius University was looking to modernize their machine translation platform publicly available for use by individuals and other Lithuanian institutions. They aimed to improve the quality of the translation engine quality with the latest neural machine translation technologies, expanded language coverage, broader functionality, novel speech technologies, and whole new infrastructure service.  

The “Machine Translation systems and localization services improvement and development” project was financed by the Lithuanian government and the European Union. Tilde was selected to fulfil the vision of platform's modernization thanks to previous expertise in developing national language technology platforms.

Functionality and integration options  

The modernized translation platform boasts many new features to efficiently overcome language barriers, ensure textual and audio information accessibility, and enable people with visual impairments or dyslexia to access various types of content and digital services.

The platform allows users to instantly translate text and documents, transcribe and translate audio files and speech, and even seamlessly translate websites in real-time in the desired language. Platform’s API allows integrating machine translation and speech recognition functionality in various public e-services and information systems.

This new platform empowers high-quality translations in Lithuanian, English, Russian, German, French, and Polish both for general translations, as well as in the IT and legal fields. The platform is based on Tilde Neural Machine Translation technology – the winner of WMT 2019 competition for the best English-Lithuanian machine translation system.

Adoption in Lithuanian institutions

The new cutting-edge machine translation platform provides multi-lingual support to citizens, residents, government, public institutions, businesses, foreign nationals, and tourists both for personal and professional purposes.

“This is a major step towards protecting and strengthening Lithuanian language in the digital age,”

says Dr. Arūnas Samuilis, project manager at Vilnius University. 

“We are thrilled to join an elite club of nations, which have their own tailor-made public language technology platforms customised to their unique languages and needs. With digitalization being one of the top priorities in Lithuania and almost every EU country, gives our citizens and residents free access to the latest language technologies, which can help them both in personal and professional life.“ showcases the latest language technologies available to everyone. Institutions, organizations and public bodies that want to introduce these technologies in their professional environment can adapt and customize them for their needs. For example, they can add additional language pairs, functionality such as .pdf translation, and much more.

The Lithuanian State Language Inspectorate has already integrated the instant website translator into their website allowing users to browse content in their preferred language. The Information System for Integrated Lithuanian Language and Scripture Resources will also incorporate the website translator in their latest website launch, improving information accessibility and inclusivity regardless of the language.

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