Cloud and On-Premise hosting options

Choose how you’d like to host your custom MT system – either in the cloud or in your own infrastructure. We leave the decision up to you.

After building a customized MT system, users can choose how they would like to host their MT system – either as a cloud service or an on-site appliance.

machine translation feature Cloud and On-Premise hosting options

What option is best for you?

The choice of hosting options is up to you. Cloud-based MT systems offer ease of use; on-premise deployments guarantee 100% data security.

  • Cloud-based MT services are hosted by Amazon Cloud. Cloud hosting guarantees speed and easy access. MT systems hosted in the cloud can be accessed anywhere and at any time, from a wide range of devices.
  • Of course, we also understand that many users want to host their IT solutions in-house. That’s why we can also install your custom MT system directly in your internal infrastructure – either in a private cloud or in an on-site appliance. This guarantees that your data remains 100% secure.