Machine Translation Engines for Bing translator

Developers from Tilde worked with Microsoft to create several MT engines for Bing Translator, used by millions of people every day.

Tilde collaborated with Microsoft in the full development of several MT engines. During this collaboration, Tilde’s researchers spent time working at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, in the United States.

The result of their efforts were included in the online Bing Translator service – one of the world’s most popular generic online translation engines. Thanks to the collaboration of Tilde and Microsoft, the translation quality of Bing was able overcome that of Google Translate.


More about the project

Microsoft Translator is a cloud service that translates between over 45 languages. In addition to powering, used by millions of people everyday, Microsoft Translator enables automated translation in products such as Microsoft Office. When creating its statistical machine translation engines for the Latvian language, Microsoft turned to the MT engineers at Tilde.

In order to develop Microsoft's statistical machine translation engines for Latvian-English-Latvian, Tilde's team of MT engineers spent several weeks working at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Tilde's partnership with Microsoft is credited in the online interface at

Tilde’s collaboration with Microsoft is credited in Bing’s online interface, which has millions of users a month. Tilde is also a long-standing Microsoft Translator Community Partner.

Other projects

European Comission
Machine Translation, Terminology

European Comission

To facilitate multilingual communication in Europe, Tilde is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European MT infrastructure.

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Localization, Machine Translation


To promote the syndication of multilingual news, Tilde developed a set of French-English machine translations engines for the online news site

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