A comprehensive machine translation service for the Latvian public sector, enabling multilingualism in the government's e-services.

In 2014, Tilde developed a machine translation service for the Latvian government, called The service provides automatic translation from Latvian to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian. Users can translate texts, documents, and websites. is customized for the Latvian language and specially adapted for public sector documents. Therefore provides much higher translation quality than generic online translation systems.

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The government of Latvia faces a multilingual challenge: how to reach citizens and residents who don't speak the country's official language? In order to help overcome this challenge, Latvia commissioned Tilde to build a machine translation service for the public sector, called

The service provides automated translation of texts, full documents, and websites from Latvian to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian.

Via API, the service is fully integrated into public sector platforms and websites, enabling multilingual access to e-gov information and e-services. The service is also integrated into Latvia’s e-services platform, Users can also suggest new translations, continuously improving the MT service with new data. will be Latvia’s contribution to the European Union’s translation infrastructure, CEF.AT.

Benefits of

  • Freely available to all citizens and residents
  • Customized for the Latvian language
  • Specially adapted to public sector terminology
  • Provides secure translations of data
  • API for easy integration into government websites
  • Continuously improved with user-provided edits and suggestions

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