Through years of experience in providing customized translation and localization services, we have developed exceptional expertise across multiple industries, including IT, automotive, telecommunications, pharmacy and life sciences.

By choosing our translation services, your company will have advantage to enter new export markets much quicker and speed up communication with global audience. Our large team of in-house translators and editors will help to deliver high-quality results for every piece of content you, and make sure that you speak in the language of your customers. Our customers' success is our success.

Release your products to a global audience

Release your products to a global audience

Make sure you speak in the language of your customer by localizing product and marketing materials.

Expand business

Expand business

Language is powerful tool. Use it to reach new partners, customers and markets.

Speed up communication

Speed up communication

Translate internal documents, presentations and reports for your international team.

Localization for your industry

IT and Telecommunications

Companies worldwide rely on Tilde’s expertise and knowledge in translating telecommunications documents and software. We have been part of every significant software localization project in the Baltics.

translation and localization for it and telecommunication

Our IT translation and localization linguists have experience with IT terminology, software, user interface localization, user manuals, help resources and marketing texts. We provide high quality IT translation services at competitive rates.

Our in-house team of translators and editors are experienced in localizing user’s manuals, technical diagrams, catalogues, patents, electronic database files, mobiles phones and multimedia devices. Our translators and editors use translation memories, dictionaries and terminology databases in order to ensure accuracy and the highest quality.

  • Software
  • User interface
  • Help Resources
  • Desktop applications
  • Games and entertainment
  • Servers and system management applications
Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Our team has extensive experience and track record to deliver automotive translation projects on time whilst maintaining high quality standards. Over the last 15 years, we have provided translation services for some of the world’s largest automotive brands.

As we have a large in-house team of linguists specialized in automotive industry, we provide translations of all types of documents such as manuals, diagnostic systems, product catalogues, warranty documents, components lists, marketing materials and much more.

  • Warranty books
  • Websites
  • Product descriptions
  • User manuals
  • Heavy machines
  • Manufactured components
  • Technical documentation
  • Electronic test and measurement instruments
  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Marketing brochures

Life Sciences and Pharmacy

We deliver top quality medical translations that allow companies to move faster into new markets worldwide and offer their unique products. All our medical linguists are enabled with high quality training, education and work experience in the field of medicine.

translation and localization for life sciences and pharmacy
  • Medical devices
  • Finished dosage
  • Excipients
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Clinical reports
  • User manuals
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Medical and health treatments
translation for marketing and consumer goods

Marketing and Consumer goods

From packaging to brochures and TV commercials. Our team has tremendous experience in adjusting marketing materials for local markets. We speak in the language of your customer.

  • Product description
  • Brochures
  • Retail
  • Toys and development
  • E-learning
  • Games
  • Books
  • Marketing

Banking and Finance

Be it annual reports, balance sheets or claim documents, we follow the highest standards of translation quality. Our linguists are sensitive to the nature of financial documentation and understand the need to keep all information strictly confidential.

translation and localization for banking and finance
  • Annual reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements
  • Accounting
  • Claim documents
  • Agreements
  • Reports
  • Service description
  • Terms and conditions
  • Shareholder information
  • Banking-related documentation
  • Corporate brochures


Audiovisual translations for movies, series, educational courses – our subtitles’ translators have seen the most popular TV series during their work.

translation and localization for video subtitling
  • Subtitling services per minute/hour
  • Translation / translation + editing
  • SRT (or other format) subtitles
  • Transcription

    Defense and Security

    We are one of the very few translation providers licensed to work with goods registered in the Common Military List of the EU. Our translation processes are up to the highest confidentiality and data security standards.

    translation and localization for defense and security
    • User manuals
    • Technical documentation
    • Military equipment descriptions
    • Software
    • Marketing materials
    • Vehicle & peacekeeping systems’ information