Tildes Birojs

Complete Latvian and foreign language support in the digital environment:

  • new and modern interface
  • spelling and grammar checking
  • translation tools
  • image recognition and other options

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Language tools

Tildes Birojs spelling and grammar tools will check your texts for word, comma, and the most common style errors. Additionally, in the "Grammar" section, you can find out how to correctly write Latvian and foreign language words in various forms and conjugations.

The product also offers Tilde created fonts.

Machine translation

In Tildes Birojs, you can use Latvian, English, German, Russian, French, Lithuanian, and Estonian dictionaries to translate words and terminology.

Get to know the world's best automatic translator for work in the Baltic languages. With this tool, you can translate not only a sentence, but also a whole document at once.



Online library

When is the last time you reread “Spriditis” or sought inspiration from the collected poems of Aspazija? In the Tildes Birojs library, made especially for OS X users, you will find a wealth of Latvian literature for your spare time and for your studies. The collection of Rūdolfs Blaumanis, Aspazija, Anna Brigadere, The Old Stenders and other classics was formed in cooperation with the portal letonika.lv.


Do you remember what your writing teacher taught you about word repetition in adjacent sentences? Improve use of language in your work and find the most appropriate words with Tildes Birojs Thesaurus. Enrich your language and find out what other words could be used to express the desired thought.

Synonyms are now also available in English, Russian, German, French, and Lithuanian.


Speech transcription

We offer you the opportunity to try out the first Latvian language speech recogniser that can retrieve language from an audio file. It’s simple – just speak the words you want recognised or upload a prepared audio file. The quality of the retrieved text depends on the quality of the audio file.

Take advantage of this new possibility, which helps you save time by dictating text directly to your computer.

Tildes Birojs also offers


Document templates

Convenient and always at your fingertips – various examples that will facilitate the creation of business documents. You no longer need to stress about how to write a greeting, where to put the date, how to formulate the text for a submittal, or how to structure your CV.



Where does the phrase "Andalusian dog" come from, what year was the group "100. debija" established, and what do people with nyctophobia fear? Use the collection of encyclopedic information to verify or find out facts, explanations, terminology, and foreign words.


Image recognition

Obtain text from a scanned document in Latvian, English, Russian, German, French, Lithuanian, or Estonian. After retrieval, it is easier to electronically process or translate text.