Regardless of your industry, efficient meetings are always a good thing

  • Human Resource Management
  • Media
  • Global companies
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Market research and consulting

Human Resource Management

Transcribe recruitment process and interviews to track and archive participant interviews. Stay engaged during the recruitment process and let the meeting assistant take your notes for you!

translation and localization for it and telecommunication
technical translation


Make accurate and precise transcriptions of interview that improve discussion quality, engagements during interviewing process and make content more accessible by automating the archiving of transcripts!

Global companies

Focus on the conversation using speech recognition technologies. Automate meeting transcription and decision tracking. Enable cross-language cooperation using the Meeting Assistants translation functionality and boost overall meeting productivity!

translation and localization for it and telecommunication


Simplify information handover during virtual classrooms and teaching sessions. Somebody missed your class? No worries. Enable your students to ace their exams through and organize lecture transcript archive!

Law Enforcement

Every word matters! Benefit from highly accurate transcription of court hearing, questioning, deposition and accident reports through voice transcription and an organized transcript and decision archive.

translation and localization for it and telecommunication
technical translation

Market research and consulting

Document decisions and commitments, draft reports from accurate transcripts and keep a tidy archive of each clients needs through automated transcription and archiving.

Become an early adopter and enhance the productivity of multilingual meetings