Tilde Language Technologies for Public Administrations

In a world with increasing mobility, large expatriate communities and sensitive data breaches, administrations often face multilingual content delivery and communication problems.

Governments must be able to communicate effectively with residents and citizens in multiple languages while simultaneously facilitating fast and secure multilingual information access and exchange among employees. Language technology can help governments to overcome language challenges and enable multilingualism in the digital age. AI-powered solutions can advance public administration operations by making e-services more accessible, thus allowing residents and citizens to access crucial public service information in their own language. Machine translation (MT) also enables multilingual information access and exchange internally while providing security and protection of data.


Customized solution
machine translation e-services

Access to e-services

Not all residents speak the official language. Integration of MT into e-service portals enables citizens and residents to access information in their language thus allowing government to communicate across language barriers.

machine translation communication

Preservation of language

Language technologies facilitate multilingualism in the digital age and help to preserve languages, a task which can be especially challenging for smaller languages.

secure machine translation

Secure translations

Tilde MT provides employees with secure real-time translations of confidential texts, documents and websites.

Why Tilde's Language Technologies?

Tilde’s excellence in AI-driven language technologies has been recognised internationally by winning the World Machine Translation competition for three consecutive years (WMT2017WMT2018WMT2019). among developing customised solutions for various institutions and administrations, Tilde has also supported the Presidencies of the Council of the European Union since 2015 including Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Finland and Croatia.

By using the latest cutting-edge AI-driven technologies, Tilde develops customised language technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client. Tilde’s language technologies include neural machine translation (NMT), speech recognition and speech synthesis, as well as a range of other tools for supporting multilingual features in e-services. Depending on the specific needs and requirements, Tilde’s powerful technology solutions can also be used as stand-alone technology or combined in a unified platform. Language solutions can be integrated into various platforms including websites, intranet portals, online platforms, e-services, e-mail and translation software, etc.


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Tilde has developed the machine translation tool Hugo.lv, which has considerably improved the availability of e-government services of Latvia to the customers from Latvian, English and Russian language communities in Europe and the whole world.

Minister of Foreign Affairs testimonial for Tilde
Edgars Rinkevics
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia

The EU Council Presidency Translator project provided the Prime Minister’s Office with an excellent opportunity to use customised machine translation system. After a short test period, our language specialists have included machine translation in their daily translation work for their official presidency documents and administrative texts. Our language specialists have been very satisfied with neural machine translation and their ease of use, as it is seamlessly integrated into our translation memory tool.

Finland's Prime Minister Office testimonial for Tilde
Kaisa Kuhmonen
Head of Language Services Unit,  Prime Minister’s Office of Finland