Tilde Machine Translation for Public Administrations

Communication plays a vital role in the public sector. In multilingual nations, governments must be able to communicate fluidly with residents and citizens in multiple languages.

Machine translation is a key enabler of multilingual communication for public administrations. By integrating MT systems into e-service platforms, governments enable their residents and citizens to access crucial public service information in their own language.

Tilde is a leading provider of language technology services for public administrations in Europe. To date, Tilde has developed MT services for two European governments and is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European Automated Translation platform.

machine translation e-services

Access to e-services

Integration of MT into e-service portals enables citizens and residents to access information in their language.

machine translation communication

Communication with residents

Not all residents speak the official language. MT can help the government to communicate across language barrires.

secure machine translation

Secure translations

Custom MT guarantees secure translations, so government employees can utilize translation in their everyday work.

Main Features of Tilde Machine Translation


MT systems are highly customized to translate specific content, terminology, and style.

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Tilde custom machine translation
machine translation dynamic learning

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the next generation of machine translation technology. NMT produces more fluent, humanlike translations, substantially boosting the level of MT quality and accuracy.

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Custom MT systems provide secure translations of even confidential content, without fear of data leaks.

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secure machine translation

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Custom solutions for public institutions

EU presidency translator Tilde

EU Presidency Translator

Journalists and delegates at the 2015 EU Presidency could use a translation tool built by Tilde to access multilingual information.

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hugo tilde machine translation


The Latvian public sector utilizes a machine translation service with the world’s highest quality translations for Latvian.

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European Comission Tilde Machine Translation

European Commission

To facilitate multilingual communication in Europe, Tilde is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European MT infrastructure.

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