Tag Processing

Translators often receive documents that include formatting tags, placeholders, and bits of code. Tilde’s MT systems correctly deal with complex tags in CAT tools.

Tag processing has traditionally been a stumbling block for MT systems, which frequently automatically translate and reformat tags, rendering them meaningless.

machine translation feature Tag Processing

How can tag processing help you?

Localizing tags shouldn't be a hastle. By processing tags for you, Tilde MT systems save translators time and effort.

Tilde’s MT technology can correctly identify specific tags and placeholders from multiple sources, including:

  • Website HTML tags
  • Formatted documents
  • User interfaces

This ensures that MT systems can accurately translate technical documents and HTML code, preserving file integrity – a major leap forward for application of machine translation. To guarantee useability, this feature is fully integrated into Tilde's plugins for CAT tools.


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LetsMT Technology

Tilde MT systems are powered by our patented LetsMT technology, developed by a consortium of the world's leading language researchers.