Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the next generation of machine translation technology.  NMT produces more fluent, humanlike translations, substantially boosting the level of MT quality and accuracy.

Tilde was the world's first provider to offer NMT systems for smaller languages.

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What is Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation is based on neural network technology, a high-powered approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

As opposed to traditional statistical MT methods, neural MT examines an entire sentence before suggesting the best possible translations. This new model provides translations that are more fluent and readable than ever before.

Tilde Neural MT achieves this success by taking into account elements like word reordering, dependencies, morpho-syntactic agreements, and other features that are not handled well by statistical machine translation.

Benefits of Neural Machine Translation:

  • More fluent, humanlike translations
  • Higher translation quality and accuracy
  • Context is taken into account
  • Better for under-resourced languages with less data

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Try the world's first neural MT systems for smaller languages.

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Translators prefer Neural Machine Translation

Study shows that Tilde Neural MT  is up to 5 times better than statistical MT systems at handling elements like word ordering, morphology, syntax, and word agreements.

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Other Tilde's machine translation features

machine translation feature Terminology integration

Terminology integration

Boost your system's accuracy with terminology integration. This ensures that industry-specific terms are translated correctly and consistently.

machine translation feature Full document translation

Full document translation

Translate entire documents with the click of a button. Simply upload or drag/drop a document and a full translation is provides in seconds. It’s that easy.

machine translation feature Data library

Data library

Don't have enough data? No problem. We can draw from our huge multilingual Data Library to improve your MT system's capabilities.

Tilde machine translation lets mt technology

LetsMT Technology

Tilde MT systems are powered by our patented LetsMT technology, developed by a consortium of the world's leading language researchers.