Build your own MT system

Take full control of your MT systems by building them yourself.

The Tilde MT platform provides you with all the facilities to build your own MT system. To get started, simply upload your data in the platform's easy-to-use interface and start training in just a few clicks.

machine translation feature Build your own MT system

Benefits of building your own MT

Building your own MT systems is the ultimate way to take total control of your MT system.

For users that don’t have a sufficient amount of data, the Tilde MT platform includes a huge repository of multilingual data in different domains. Resources from the Data Library can be used on their own to build a system, or added to a user’s data to boost a system’s capabilities.

Main features:

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Multilingual Data Library

  • Terminology integration
  • Tag processing
  • CAT tool integration
  • Linguistic components
  • Translation API

After building their own system, users can translate phrases and documents either in our online translator interface or in their own CAT tools, using the Tilde MT plug-in. With our API, users can also integrate their systems into any platform or application