Automatic Conversions

Systems built on the Tilde MT platform now provide automatic conversions of language-specific punctuation and number formatting.

Automatic conversions save translators huge amounts of time in the post-editing process, as units are automatically localized from source- to target-language style. Localization professionals can also add their own project-specific conversion rules to custom MT systems, giving users maximum control over translation output.

machine translation feature Automatic Conversions

How can you benefit from automatic conversions?

This powerful new featuers offers a variety of benefits to translators, putting you in greater control of MT quality and raising accuracy.


  • Automatically localizes units from source- to target-language style

  • Saves translators huge amounts of time in the post-editing process

  • Allows professionals to add their own project-specific conversion rules

  • Gives users maximum control over their MT systems

The Tilde MT platform supports default conversions of punctuation and number formatting for all EU languages. These include the following units:

  • Numbers with decimal separators (for example: 1,200.67 ➝ 1 200,67)

  • Quotation marks (for example: « » ➝  “ ”)

  • Consistent usage of apostrophes (for example: ' ➝ ’)

  • and more...

The Tilde MT platform also allows localization professionals to flexibly add their very own project-specific conversion rules (including pre- and post-processing rules) to their custom MT systems, giving users maximum control over the translation output and training of their engines.

On the Tilde MT platform, users now have the power to define various types of project-specific conversions to be added to their custom MT engines, including:

  • Distance (for example: 60 mph ➝ 96,56 km/h)

  • Currency (for example: USD 1,200.43 ➝ EUR 1 064,31)

  • Time (for example: 4 PM ➝ 16:00)

  • Spacing (for example: 60% ➝ 60 %)

  • Temperature (for example: 86°F ➝ 30°C)

  • and more…


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