What is Machine Translation (MT)?

Machine translation (MT) is an automated translation process with which computer software is used to translate source content into target languages.

What languages does Tilde MT support?

Tilde MT technologies are language and domain independent. As long as there is enough training data, any language pair can be developed.

What makes Tilde MT different from other systems?

When you work with Tilde, you tap into more than 20 years of research and innovation. Tilde is a regional language technology research hub and a pioneer in using neural networks to create customised machine translation solutions. When clients choose Tilde, they are guaranteed to receive quality, flexibility and security along with a customer centric approach and ongoing support. Tilde’s expertise in AI-powered language solutions has been recognised internationally through its victories for three consecutive years in the World Machine Translation competition known as the Olympic Games (WMT2017, WMT2018 and WMT2019).

Why should I pay for Tilde MT when I can use freely available options such as Google and DeepL?

The main reasons why customers should consider paying for TildeMT is quality, security and flexible deployment options. General, freely available translation engines are usually trained with large amounts of data from various domains, which results in translations that may not be suited for your specific needs (language and subject area, terms, etc.). Publicly available systems don't guarantee security measures to protect your intellectual data. By using free online translation services you allow the Translation Engine to collect your data (data collection policy remains in the fine print of most free MT providers). Translating e-mails, project proposals, legal contracts and company sensitive documents leads to the potential risk of intellectual property and proprietary data leakage. Tilde MT solutions also provide a variety of integration opportunities and our solutions are customised to fit your needs. MT can be integrated in client portals, e-mails, e-commerce, translation software and websites, etc.

What if I don't have enough data for a custom engine?

In the event that you don't have enough translation memory data to create a customised engine, Tilde can help by providing additional data from our Tilde Data Library. 

How can I use Tilde MT?

Tilde’s MT can translate texts, documents and websites and offers a wide variety of integration options. It all depends on your needs. Our team works closely with the client to find the best solution and an integration module to suit your needs.

How much can I save using Tilde MT?

The use of MT has been proven to help professional translators work 35% faster, boosting productivity and efficiency.