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During the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, host countries deal with massive amounts of multilingual information that needs to be translated into all 24 official EU languages. To help the Presidency staff, delegates, public employees, journalists and guests in overcoming these challenges, Tilde has developed the EU Presidency Translator.

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The Presidency Translator Toolkit supports instant translation of large amounts of documents, gives access to websites in other languages and allows to maintain the Presidency website in 24 languages. And these are just some of the features. Tested, approved and recommended by 8 EU Council Presidencies, the Presidency Translator is a remarkable solution that is available to everyone! Individuals, start-ups, organisations, companies and even national governments can use it as is or customise to their needs!

EU Council Presidency Translator Tilde


Secure Translation Platform

Nothing will get lost in the translation, and you won’t need to struggle to communicate with people who speak other languages. Translate texts, documents, and websites with just one click in a secure environment!

  • Instant and fluent translations
  • 100% data security and confidentiality
  • Translations in all 24 official EU languages
  • No loss of the original formatting (pdf, Word, Excel, etc.)



Instant Website Translator

Translate your website to reach a wider audience and allow your visitors browse its content in their native language. No coding, manual translations, or duplicated pages – our machine translation technology will do the job for you!

  • Compatible with any website or platform 
  • Instantly translates all of your website
  • Easy editing if needed
  • SEO indexing and editing

Translation Editing Assistant 

Sometimes translations may require adjusting. For this purpose, we have a user friendly CAT tool that will allow you to edit your translations by relying on translation memories, term bases and machine translation.

  • Prepare pre-translation for post-editing
  • Look up terminology
  • Create personal translation memories
  • Save translated documents and history

CAT Tool plugins

Professional translators can increase their translation productivity by up to 35% by relying on the machine translation technology in their professional environment. General, dynamic and even custom-made engines can be seamlessly integrated into CAT tools such as SDL Trados (2015-2021), MemoQ, Memsource, and Matecat.

  • Boost translation productivity
  • Post-edit pre-translated text
  • Ensure consistent terminology 

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Data Security

100% confidentiality guaranteed: your data will be neither stored, nor analysed, and will be deleted as soon as you receive the translation.​​

Neural machine translation

State-of-the-art MT

Our award-winning neural machine translation technologies will help you in achieving excellent results and delivering accurate translations!​​

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Scalable and adaptable

Use the Tilde MT as is, or customise it to your needs (integrations, deployment, UI). For more information, fill in the form.

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