AI-powered Chatbot for Healthcare

Always available, multilingual, text and voice assistance to your clients, while reducing the workload of your front-life staff.

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A tsunami of Conversational AI innovation is already transforming the Healthcare industry

Technology impact on healthcare has never been so important, as we are navigating in the global public health crisis. It’s crucial providing people with access to relevant and reliable information and virtual services while minimizing the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

AI-powered chatbots have never more valuable providing instant, meaningful, and personalized support in a colloquial language - any time, any place, and on any smart device.


Unlocking the full potential of Conversational AI


Reduce your client’s (patient’s) uncertainty and frustration

Help your clients (patients) obtaining relevant medical information instantly and easily, instead of having to pick up the phone, send an email, or even wait in line at the hospital or clinic.


Ease the burden on the front-line staff

Reduce the number of hospital visits, wait-on-line calls, and the respective workload of your professional client support staff.

Leave chatbot a range of repetitive and easy-to-respond health-related questions, freeing up specialists’ time to spend on complex and more pressing matters.


Provide for scaling your support capacity

Human agents can handle only a limited number of queries thus as the amount of incoming customer requests increases the number of staff also needs to grow. Introduce technology that can juggle hundreds of conversations simultaneously.

A world of opportunities

Chatbots are not intended to replace doctors, but when implemented properly, they can:

Answer FAQ


Answer FAQ from clients (patients)



Help understanding the medical procedures and related administration processes

Find documents


Clarify simple symptom-related questions



Inform about your news and special offers

Info specialist


Gather the necessary information and connect to the right professional



Serve for recruiting and training new healthcare talent



Conversational AI: Insights


AI solution reduces customer service workload by 25%

As the pandemic broke out, there was a sudden and unexpected surge in queries. The virtual assistant Signe has taken over a quarter of all consultations.

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Answers to questions about Covid-19 are provided by artificial intelligence

During March 2020 work began on the first and to date only chatbot in Latvia, which provides the public with 24 hour access to trustworthy information about Covid-19.

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Chatbot trainer

The road from a Customer Service Representative to a chatbot trainer

The rapid development of technologies has significantly expanded the range of solutions available to businesses to improve their competitiveness and customer service, and to increase efficiency.

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