AI-Powered Chatbot For Bank and Finance

Save costs, improve business efficiency, and make complex, time-consuming financial topics more accessible to your customers virtually – recruit an intelligent AI-powered Chatbot!

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How can AI-powered chatbots transform your business?


Provide uninterrupted customer support

Intelligent chatbots eliminate negative customer experiences and reduce wait-times by promptly guiding them to the information they need in their native language, in text or voice format, and via their preferred communication channel.


Save costs and improve efficiency

Building a chatbot will cost you less than hiring a dedicated human employee, and will save a lot of manhours spent on monotonous and repetitive tasks.


Choose AI that speaks your customers’ language

Avoid miscommunication, establish trust, and let people express themselves easily! Tilde has achieved excellence in developing machine learning-based solutions for most European languages, providing the leading text and voice processing solutions for the Baltic languages.


Automate up to 80% of your customer conversations

Each company is different and unique – as is each chatbot performing different functions. Unleash the potential of your chatbots to:

Finance product services


Respond to customer FAQ and standard information requests

Money exchange


Check currency and interest rates



Gather the necessary information and connect the user to the right specialist



Promote and cross-sell your services and products

Client feedback


Collect customer feedback



Provide personalized financial advice



Conversational AI: Insights


AI solution reduces customer service workload by 25%

As the pandemic broke out, there was a sudden and unexpected surge in queries. The virtual assistant Signe has taken over a quarter of all consultations.

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Practical Examples

Practical examples: how to overcome the challenges of the digital age

The rapid development of technologies has significantly expanded the range of solutions available to businesses to improve their competitiveness and customer service, and to increase efficiency.

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Mona: the first virtual assistant in a central bank in Europe

Mona, the virtual assistant of the Bank of Latvia, offers first-level support at any time of the day and at any place. 30% of consultations are provided after working hours of the Customer Support Centre.

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