Tilde Virtual Assistant makes talking to the government effortless

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Tilde Virtual Assistant makes talking to the government effortless

Having just released UNA, a web and Facebook Messenger based virtual assistant for Enterprise Register of Latvia, Tilde proves that AI can make life easier for both government clerks and their clients.

The chatbot UNA has been created using the Tilde virtual assistant platform that provides multilingual NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) services for knowledge training. UNA has been trained to understand questions and respond in natural language. 

In 2017 the Enterprise Register of Latvia responded to more than 67 000 calls and 10 000 emails. Most of these enquiries can be easily grouped and standardized, thus making this case especially suitable for AI assistance such as UNA. Of course, an AI assistant can’t tackle every question, so the support people are still needed to handle non-standard issues. Day-to-day issues like enterprise registration, liquidation and document checks will be offloaded to UNA, so real people can focus on what they do best – creative problem solving.

A common concern is that computers might take away work from people, which is why Tilde involved the people of Enterprise Register to help the development of UNA. Not only did they provide invaluable insight to make the assistant UNA better, but they also found out that UNA will make their job more pleasant, instead of making them redundant. The AI assistant requires a human trainer, so this is where an extra specialist might actually be hired.

We are certain that UNA will transform how interacting with government institutions is currently perceived. Stay tuned for first user reports!