Official website of the 2018 EU Council Presidency integrates Tilde's Neural MT service

Machine Translation
Tilde integrates Neural MT service in the official Bulgarian EU Council Presidency website

The official website of the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency,, has integrated a new AI-powered Neural MT service developed by Tilde, the EU Council Presidency Translator.

The service, found at, enables EU delegates, journalists, and visitors to the EU Council Presidency to automatically translate texts, documents, and websites. The EU Council Presidency Translator combines the CEF eTranslation platform with superior-quality, AI-powered Neural MT systems for Bulgarian.

When translating, Tilde’s Neural MT systems for Bulgarian examine the full context of each sentence, producing more fluent and readable translations that are almost human-like in style. Automated translations for other EU languages are powered by CEF eTranslation, a secure automated translation platform developed and maintained by the European Commission.

Tilde’s EU Council Presidency Translator service was first utilized by the Estonian EU Council Presidency in 2017, with an official launch at the EU Digital Summit in September. In Bulgaria, the service was developed in partnership with the Institute for Bulgarian Language.

Bulgaria will host the EU Council Presidency from January through June of 2018. The country is set to host thousands of high-level meetings, seminars, conferences, and events, helping to set the priorities and agenda of the Council of the European Union.

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