Tilde MT is powered by patented LetsMT techology. LetsMT was developed by a consortium of leading language researchers from across Europe.

With LetsMT technology, users can build their own MT system. Systems can be trained with the user's own data. The user can also add translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and monolingual data to their system – significantly boosting the quality and accuracy of translations.

Users can also take advantage of the Tilde Data Library, one of the world''s largest repositories of multilingual data. The Data Library includes over 2.5 billion parallel sentences and 4 million terms in over 100 languages.  

Tilde Data Library also includes sophisticated linguistic components, such as named entity recognizers, morphology analyzers, part-of-speech taggers, and other powerful tools for many languages.

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LetsMT technology's features include the correct processing of tags and placeholders, including HTML code, as well as the processing of many different file formats (including DOCX, TMX, TXT, XLIFF). 

LetsMT was developed by Tilde in cooperation with leading language researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Sheffield University, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Zagreb, and Uppsala University.

Main features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Huge data repository
  • Terminology integration
  • Tag processing
  • CAT tool integration