The government of Latvia faces a multilingual challenge: how to reach citizens and residents who don't speak the country's official language? In order to help overcome this challenge, Latvia commissioned Tilde to build a machine translation service for the public sector, called

The service provides automated translation of texts, full documents, and websites from Latvian to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian.

Benefits of

  • Freely available to all citizens and residents
  • Customized for the Latvian language
  • Specially adapted to public sector terminology
  • Provides secure translations of data
  • API for easy integration into government websites
  • Continuosly improved with user-provided edits and suggestions

Integration is also integrated into Latvia's e-services platform,, opening up access to e-services and information for a wide range of global users. This integration allows users to automatically translated e-services information from Latvian into English or from Latvian into Russian. Users can also suggest new translations, continuously improving the MT service with new data.                      


Machine translation technologies are important tools to improve access, and through access – also availability and distribution of information. Latvia is convinced that effective exercise of the right to freedom of expression is an essential foundation of a democratic society. It underpins the realization of other human rights, like the development of more transparent and inclusive governance. For example, Latvia’s language technology company Tilde has developed the machine translation tool, which has considerably improved the availability of e-government services of Latvia to the customers from Latvian, English and Russian language communities in Europe and the whole world.



Edgars Rinkēvičs
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia


In response to our government’s need for multilingual communication, Tilde developed a machine translation system for the Latvian public sector. The system will be seamlessly integrated into e-services and government websites, providing for multilingual content in e-gov. To create the system, Tilde provided the full range of MT services – from domain-specific data collection and system training to the development of customized tools such as an online translation interface and website widgets. The MT system will enable our government to speak the language of all its citizens, as well as empower citizens from across Europe – regarless of their native language – to interact with the Latvian government. This is a major step forward for e-gov, furthering the spread of e-democracy.



Armands Magone
Director, Latvian Cultural Information Systems Center


In 2015, was nominated for a World Summit Award in the category Government and Open Data. The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations organizations and agencies.