In 2015, Latvia hosted the Presidency of the Council of the EU. During the six-month Presidency, more than 25 000 delegates and guests attended 1 680 official events in Riga. The city also hosted more than 800 journalists from 40 countries. To provide these guests with a tool for multilingual communication, Tilde developed the EU Presidency Translator. The tool featured a machine translation service specially designed for the EU Presidency.


  • World's best MT engines for Latvian-English-Latvian translation
  • Instant translation of full documents, preserving original formatting
  • Real-time browsing and translation of websites and news portals
  • Specially designed for the 2015 Presidency of the Council of the EU


Desktop app

EU Presidency guests could easily download the MT service as a free desktop app for their laptops. With the app, users could translate phrases, full documents, and websites from Latvian to English and vice versa. The tool provides links to the most popular Latvia media sites, which could be translated and read directly in the app.

mobile app

The EU Presidency Translator was also available as a mobile app, which users could download from the web free of charge. The app provided on-the-go translations of words, texts, and phrases in a simple, easy-to-user interface. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, the highly popular app was downloaded thousands of times during the 6-month event.                                  

translation kiosk


The central headquarters of the EU Presidency was the newly built National Library which hosted numerous high-level meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, and social events. To provide these guests with instant translation, the EU Presidency Translator was also available in freestanding translation kiosks. These two-meter-high objects featured a built-in touchscreen interface, where users could translate words, phrases, and also entire websites in real time.       

digital assembly 2015

At the close of the EU Presidency, Riga hosted the Digital Assembly. This high-level event was headlined by Günther Oettinger, the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, and Robert Madelin, the Chief Innovation Officer of the European Commission. The event unveiled the digital agenda for Europe in 2016. The EU Presidency Translator was showcased at the event as a shining example of how technology can enable multilingualism in the EU.       

There will be no digital single market without multilingualism, as few people feel comfortable operating in their second or third language. ... Four elements are necessary for the take-up of an inclusive Digital Single Market: focus on digital skills; special attention to gender and age balance; local involvement and local outreach actions; and increased considerations for language diversity.



Robert Madelin
Chief Innovation Officer, European Commission


In 2013, TAUS predicted that translation was going to become a utility. Now Tilde is one of the first companies to transform this prediction into reality. ... After June 2015, other countries will follow in the European Presidency. It will be interesting to see whether - and possibly how - they are going to integrate MT in the everyday tasks and whether they will be able to leverage the innovative power of Latvia.



Isabella Massardo
Translation Automation User Society (TAUS)