Tilde Dictionary – now also for text translation

Tilde Dictionary is the biggest collection of English, German, Russian and French translations and terminology; moreover, it understands and translates word case forms and provides comprehensive grammatical information. Now, in addition to the translation and analysis of single words, the translation of phrases and texts from Latvian into English, from English into Latvian and from Latvian into Russian is available.

Users are involved in creation of the content of dictionaries

Thanks to the comments submitted by users of the Tilde Dictionary, we have considerably updated the Latvian-English, English-Latvian and Latvian-German dictionaries. We are very satisfied and grateful for your cooperation and invite you to keep on submitting your feedback. You can easily submit your feedback from the first page of the Tilde Dictionary.

META-NORD Project Launched, Tilde as the Project Coordinator

On 1 February, META-NORD project starts where Tilde company becomes the project member and coordinator. The META-NORD project, for its duration of 2 years, aims to establish an open linguistic infrastructure in the Baltic and Nordic countries to serve the needs of the industry and research communities.

Tilde Language Technologies

Tilde provides intelligent language technologies for the languages of the Baltic countries that are equivalent to the support available for the world’s major languages, using a combination of statistical and knowledge driven approaches. Tilde’s experience resulted in excellence covering four main areas:  

Localization and Technical Translation

More than 10 years of experience and expert knowledge in IT and telecom allow Tilde to lead the Baltic localization market with uncompromising quality and a strong commitment to client needs.  Tilde offers translation into the main languages spoken in the Baltics – Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian. Offices in all Baltic capitals and in-house staff offer quality localization services that are delivered on time.

The President, the Minister and Microsoft are Encouraged by the First Results of the Language Shore Project

On 16 November, 2010, Valdis Zatlers, the President of the Republic of Latvia met with Don Grantham, the President of Microsoft, Central and East Europe, and Sarmīte Ēlerte, Minister of Culture of Latvia. They discussed the progress achieved up to date within the implementation of the international language technologies project Language Shore, mapped out the key directions for future development of the project, and once again all parties confirmed their support to the long-term development of the project.

European Patents Will be Translated by a Machine Translator

The significance of Let's MT project is now evidenced by a document issued by the Council of Europe. This is a significant project, which develops new methods that you can use in machine translation of European patents. European patents will be available by using, possibly, the best automatic translator. The Council of Europe has announced an official tender to the Member States for the procedure of translation of EU patents.

Tilde Cooperation Project Receives Appreciation

Project The Interactive Electronic Training Course of Latvian Language for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Addition for Promoting Education Accessibility implemented by AS Datorzinību Centrs in cooperation with the National Agency for Latvian Language Training and Tilde company within the framework of the European Refugee Fund program of the Office of Citizenship and Migration of Latvia has received the European Language Label in language learning 2009.